Healing for Families


When we begin to heal families, we change the direction of their lives and generationally impact them going forward

Parent Aid Visits

Supervised Visits Conducted

Parent Aid Skill Sessions

Family Restoration

Children are at the heart of GAP, but if we continually care for abused and neglected children but never help their families, it becomes a never-ending cycle. If we can begin to heal these families we can change the direction of their lives and generationally impact them going forward.

GAP Ministries will now be able to more effectively impact the foster care system with the goal of reunifying healthy families. The state of Arizona has licensed us in Visit Supervision between the children and their birth parents. It is our desire that as parents learn new methods and get needed help, they become successful in raising their own children and stopping the cycle at the root.

We provide Supervised Visitation and Parent Aide. It is our desire and goal to see healthy restoration of families when possible.

Court Ordered Supervised Visitation

In the GAP Impact Center, families are able to spend quality time together during their court-ordered supervised visits. Each week moms and dads reconnect with their children to continue the bond they have as a family.  For children who are no longer living with their parents, this can be the most important activity of their entire week. Parents bring familiar food, toys and sometimes other family members to the visits, which is a great way to keep the child connected to their family.

Parent Aide

Moms and dads whose children are currently in foster care are given the tools and coaching needed in hopes of family reunification. Parent Aides meet with them weekly to complete “strength-based” skill session parenting curriculum.

The Parent Aide will coach the parent to use the skills they have learned and apply it to their parenting time during supervised visits, many of which are held in the home to give the family a more relaxed atmosphere as they are working towards reunification. Parents also learn about the developmental needs of their children, community resources, and other valuable information.

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