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“Who would give me a chance? I’m just a felon.” Shane, Culinary Graduate

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The GAP Job Training Programs exist to provide quality education to under-employed, unemployed, and in-need individuals. This free 10-week intensive training program is offered in either the Culinary or Auto Tech fields. Students are mentored and given the skills needed to move beyond surviving into thriving careers. GAP’s holistic approach includes weekly life skills and financial skills classes to ensure long-term stability and success.

In Partnership with

Auto Tech

MPG Tire and Auto have partnered with GAP to provide comprehensive, hands-on training in the automotive industry. This locally owned family business leverages the knowledge of over 10 locations of ASE Certified Technicians to bring the necessary skills to succeed in this essential industry. Certified graduates have the potential for immediate employment with MPG

What to expect-

  • 300 hours of training including everything from entry-level fundamentals to advanced diagnostics
  • Creating a solid foundation that prepares students for a career in the automotive industry
  • Learn the theory behind automotive systems
  • Explore multiple facets of the automotive industry
  • Earn MPG Certification
  • Prepare for ASE Certification
  • Interview for a position with MPG after graduation

    “I enjoyed the environment of being around knowledgeable people in the industry. They put enough pressure to make sure you take this seriously but coached you to help you succeed.​” 

    Kevin Crandall

    MPG Auto Tech Graduate

    Culinary Arts 

    Led by Tucson Iron Chef John Hohn, students will receive a comprehensive preparation for a career in the culinary industry. This includes Servsafe certification, which sets them ahead of most entry-level restaurant employees. Graduates have gone directly from the classroom to high-end establishments like Senae Thai, Wildflower, Miraval, Sands Club at the U of A, Bisbee Breakfast Club, Charro Restaurants, and others.

    What to expect –

      • 400 hours of training
      • Creating a solid foundation that prepares students for a career in the food service industry, including retail food service.
      • Learn the fundamentals of the culinary skills from egg cookery, chicken fabrication, recipe writing to plate presentation, ordering, inventory control & menu writing.
      • Earn GAP kitchen Certification
      • Earn nationally accredited ServSafe Manager health Certification

        “I learned the basics of cooking and life skills” 

        At Gap Culinary Training Program, not only did I learn the basics of cooking, but I was taught life skills- how to manage money and deal with past grief in my life” Adam graduated at the top of his class and secured a position at a high-end restaurant as soon as he graduated. 


        GAP Culinary Graduate

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