Join us in Building Hope through your Major Gift Sponsorship

In most Capital Campaigns, the majority of support comes through large foundational grants, corporate donors, or major gifts from wealthy philanthropic individuals. But GAP Ministries is blessed to have broad community support for the Campus of Hope.

These past 2 years, hundreds of individuals like yourself have shown support for the new campus through gifts ranging anywhere from $10 to $5,000. This is unprecedented to build a brand new campus almost entirely with hundreds of smaller gifts rather than a few large ones! That tells us this campus is coming to our community because all of us have the same God-given desire – to see children helped, families healed, and most of all, HOPE coming into our community!

Every single gift is a blessing! And we are grateful for anything you are willing and able to do.

But for those individuals, family foundations, or businesses that would like to participate in a major gifts challenge to help GAP Ministries cross the finish line and get all our programs moved from the leased property by the end of 2022, we have 3 challenges and naming opportunities for you:

$50,000 Founders Challenge

Sponsors to Equal

Join GAP’s Founders with a gift or pledge of $50,000. This group of 10 Sponsors totaling $500,000 will be named on Campus of Hope signage.

$25,000 Bruce Ash Challenge

Sponsors to Equal

9 individuals or businesses that join Bruce & Jane Ash Donor Advised Fund with a gift or pledge of $25,000 will be named Community Programs Sponsors.

$10,000 Tucson Electric Power Challenge

Sponsors to Equal

The TEP Power Challenge began in 2020 and is over halfway to the goal! Join us for special recognition on Campus.

Build HOPE for our Community with your Major Challenge Gift!

Founder Donors Club

Bruce & Jane Ash Donor Club

TEP Donors Club

Every Gift Makes a Difference! No Gift is too small to bring HOPE!

Whether you give $50,000 or $100, you can be a vital part of the Campus of Hope!

Building Projects Sponsors$100 – $5000 – There are naming opportunities for those who want to give beyond their Arizona Tax Credit donation with a gift from $100 to $5,000 to show their support of the Campus of Hope. 

Support a specific project on the new campus, with naming opportunities on individual rooms or areas. Building project sponsorships include the Family Engagement Center, Community Warehouse, or GAP Kitchen & Job Training Center.

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