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Show local children and families you care by sponsoring the building project of one of 4 program areas on the Campus of Hope. Your name will be on the recognition wall because you are a vital part of Building Hope for so many in our community. The administration building is now completed and we are moving on to finish the four buildings that will house all GAP’s programs. Next up is the Family Center.

GAP Family Center

The heart of GAP is to preserve the dignity of every child and family we serve, providing them with love, stability and every opportunity to succeed. We believe generational cycles of poverty, addiction and a growing foster care system can be healed One Life at a time. Breaking these cycles leads to a healthier family and and creates transformed communities.

2021 Foster & Family Statistics

Supervised Visits between Children & Parents

Children adopted by GAP Foster Families

Parenting Skills Classes & Visits

The New GAP family center on the Campus of Hope will house all our programs for foster children and their families including:

Training Facility

Training facility to license foster parents to provide a safe home environment for children removed from their families due to abuse or neglect

Private Visitation

Five welcoming private rooms where court-ordered supervised visits will take place between foster children and their families

Family Resource Center

Parenting resources and skills training to help mothers and fathers learn healthy ways of interacting with their children so they can successfully reunite as a family

Dining Room

Dining area where families can spend quality time eating and playing games together to build relationships.


Playground and Sports Court outside for fun play time as a family without distractions.

Secure Facilities

 Security fencing and a private entrance so that children and their families feel safe as they work to break generational cycles of poverty and abuse.

This new property will allow GAP Ministries to increase the number of children and families whose lives will be healed. Will you be part of this exciting new season by helping sponsor the GAP Family center?

Ready to Bring Hope to our Community?

You can contribute to our Family Center by clicking the Donate button and choosing an amount that works for you. For larger donations, we know that you will want to meet with us to discuss this investment. Please Connect with us and we will reach out to you to set up an appointment to meet with a member of the executive team.

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