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Show local children and families you care by sponsoring the building project of one of 4 program areas on the Campus of Hope. Your name will be on the recognition wall because you are a vital part of Building Hope for so many in our community. The administration building is now completed and we are moving on to finish the four buildings that will house all GAP’s programs. Next up is the Family Center.

GAP Community Warehouse

GAP has cared for thousands of foster children over the past 20 years. But our true desire is to stop cycles of poverty and abuse before the children ever enter the system. Poverty is the #1 indicator of abuse, neglect, and children entering the foster system. This doesn’t just impact a select few. It affects everyone. When a family has broken apart, it has a ripple effect out into the community that is both painful and expensive. GAP wants to be so much more than a band-aid approach to the problems in our community. The Community Warehouse provides food and needed products to families already on the edge to help prevent them from reaching a crisis that causes their children to be removed and their family to break apart.

2021 Community Warehouse Statistics


Monthly Non Profit Partners

Mil Food & Products distributed

Hrs Volunteer Service

The New, Larger Community Warehouse on the Campus of Hope will be a bright light to the 85705 zip code to those seeking help in trying times. Will you be a part of building HOPE by becoming a warehouse project sponsor?

More Resources

Families in our community are struggling, so we are expanding the resources we are able to share with those in need.

Those who receive help

Foster, adoptive & kinship families; veterans, seniors, refugees, tribal members, and individuals whose income qualifies them for AHCCCS.

Food & Products to those in need.

In 2021 GAP distributed $2.5 million worth of food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, household appliances, clothing, shoes, and more.

Partnering with the community

GAP receives donated products from large retailers and grocery stores. Partnering with local nonprofits, corporate sponsors, and hundreds of volunteers, we are able to distribute these items into the community to children, women, and men needing help.

This new property will allow GAP Ministries to increase the number of children and families whose lives will be healed. Will you be part of this exciting new season by helping sponsor the GAP Family center?

Ready to Bring Hope to our Community as a Community Warehouse Sponsor?

Sponsor the Community Warehouse project by clicking the Donate button and choosing the amount that works for you. As a sponsor of GAP’s Community Warehouse, you will receive the benefits indicated on the chart for each level of sponsorship. If you have questions or would like to visit with a member of our executive team, click on Connect and we will reach out to you.

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