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Nonprofit Partners

The Community Warehouse reclaims new items from major retailers that would otherwise end up in landfills, and redistributes them to individuals in need through nonprofit partnerships.

Building Community

Your Community Warehouse builds partnership and relationship between local nonprofits and the local business community for the betterment of the most marginalized residents here in Southern Arizona.

The 40,000 square foot Community Warehouse located at GAP Ministries provides an opportunity for nonprofits to stretch their resources like never before to better meet the needs of those they serve.

Collaborative Resources

Tucson is a beautiful city, but unfortunately there are many children, women, and men who are really struggling. One in four of our residents are below the poverty line.

The good news is there many wonderful local nonprofits working hard to meet the needs of these hurting people. But resources are limited. If the needed items to serve their clients aren’t donated, nonprofits use their limited finances to purchase them at big box stores….at full retail price.

What if, instead, all these nonprofits serving people in need here in Southern Arizona pooled their resources to purchase those same needed items at a deep discount?

The Community Warehouse was born from this idea! 

Through partnerships with Good360 and other national retail sources the Community Warehouse receives household products, hygiene items, paper goods, and much more at a significantly lower cost.

The more local nonprofits collaborate and purchase what they need to serve their clients at the Community Warehouse, the more the warehouse is able to bring in more items at even better prices.

As the collaboration grows and the nonprofits benefit from this resource, the local business community, foundational funders, and individual sponsors are excited and willing to get behind the Community Warehouse because it benefits the entire community, not just one nonprofit. This, in turn, gives the nonprofits even more leverage to lower priced items and even free sponsored goods.

Ready to Join Us?

The Community Warehouse can only be successful as we all partner together for the betterment of our beautiful Tucson and Southern Arizona. And this means happy, healthy, and hopeful children, women, and men who are our neighbors.

Ready to become a Non-profit or Business partner? Schedule a tour? Or need more information? Give us a call or send a message.


Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofits may join the Community Warehouse with an annual membership of $125 – Administrative fee is just $25 and the remaining $100 will be redeemed for $100 worth of vouchers given to the nonprofit for shopping in the Community Warehouse. The nonprofit partner may use the vouchers to shop for needed supplies for their organization, or give the vouchers to constituents who are in need, allowing them to shop for items in the Community Warehouse at no cost.

Nonprofit Partners may shop on designated days in the warehouse for items needed for administrative purposes or to serve their constituents. They may pay with either vouchers or with check, cash, or credit card at the time of purchase. Depending on the generosity of our business partners, nonprofits may also receive vouchers throughout the year from sponsoring business partners to be used by the organization or to be given to constituents who have been vetted by the organization and meet the requirements of this contract.

Business Partners

Community Warehouse Business Partners, Foundational Funders, and Individual Sponsors have a unique opportunity to leverage their contributions to assist multiple nonprofit agencies in meeting the overwhelming needs within the Southern Arizona Community. Every dollar invested has the potential to leverage many dollars of actual benefit to our community.


When is the Community Warehouse open?

Partner organizations and sponsored individuals can shop Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Who can shop at the community warehouse?

Non profit partner organizations can use organization check, credit card, or vouchers issued by the Community Warehouse.

Can individuals shop at the community warehouse?

Individuals (sponsored shoppers) can shop with vouchers only. The individual can only obtain vouchers from a non profit partner organization.

How can the community warehouse benefit my organization?

Organizations can access the deeply discounted prices on supplies & merchandise to use in their facilities or to provide needed items to individuals they qualify as in need.  Items can be  used for outreaches or case-by-case individuals.  Spending less on items we already purchase helps us do more with less.

Where should we park?

During shopping hours we have designated parking at the entrance door to the Community Warehouse. 
(Northern most end of the GAP warehouse, inside the fenced motor pool area.)

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